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Join HopeWorks Community Educator, MC Carey (they/them), for a monthly hour-long podcast dedicated to frank conversations on the intersections of the movement to end gender-based violence and transformative justice. MC explores the interconnections of social justice, abolition and how we, as a collective community dedicated to healing and safety, can work towards creating a vision of collective liberation. With a blend of boldness and compassion, this show offers up a space to transform our ideas around safety, justice, and healing through deep dives and conversations with community leaders. Together, we can dream up a world free from exploitation, oppression, and violence.

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On today’s epsidode of Transforming Together the podcast goes back to our roots of discussing gender based violence and its immense impact on communities like Howard County, MD and those all over the world. MC Carey (they/them) is joined by author, R.L.K. Eastabrooks, to talk about her newly published book, Inauspicious, which tells the devastating story of women from Rajasthan, India to New York City and to Cambridge, MA who experience the immense pain of gender violence. Inauspicious is the international saga of Rajasthani teenage bride, Triti Sharma, whose harrowing escape from the flames of a forbidden ancient ritual takes her from the desert sands of India to the streets of New York City where her soul twin, Jaq Morel, helps her uncover the horrors of her forgotten past. Spanning two continents, five cities, and three divergent cultures, Inauspicious is a modern story of survival, redemption, and the transcendent brilliance of synchronicity. Join us for a riveting conversation about the book, her work with survivors and a conversation rooted in ending gender based violence.

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