Self-Care & Social Justice Projects

One of our guiding principles at HopeWorks is to work towards the real change that we believe is possible; change for individuals as well as for the systems that fuel violence. We know that we are each part of this change.

The Self-Care & Social Justice Projects at HopeWorks are designed to address this principle; providing opportunities for people to be heard, witnessed, and to become agents of change in their lives and for the community.

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Poetry N2 Wellness & Action Workshops

Poetry offers a pathway into reflection; opportunity to creatively resolve and renew. Our Poetry N2 Wellness & Action workshops use the power of words to encourage healing, community-building, cultural shifts, liberation, and celebration. Workshops are open to the general public.

Dragonfly Arts Magazine

HopeWorks’ Dragonfly arts magazine is published annually. Themes for submitted work may include reflections on relationships, love, gender, self-care, social justice, advocacy, trauma, hope, or intersectionality.
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Cultivate Youth Arts Magazine

Our new Cultivate youth arts magazine will provide a platform for young people to share their reflections about relationships, gender, love, advocacy, transformative justice, trauma, intersectionality, self-care, or healing.
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Transforming Together Podcast

Join HopeWorks community educators for a frank discussion on the intersections of the movement to end gender-based violence. Each month they explore the interconnections of social injustice and how we can all work toward collective liberation.

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Inspiration & Social Justice Dialogues

The Inspiration & Social Justice Dialogues are open-forum discussion events designed to examine dynamics around the root causes of violence. Workshops offer the time to grapple with difficult issues, but also serve as a space to find creative solutions and generate activism around these issues so we can collectively move forward towards change.

The Women’s Circle

The Women’s Circle is a roundtable-activity group to connect with each other, exchange ideas, and increase community leadership to create change. Here, women learn from guest speakers, share ideas, and participate in activities to encourage self-appreciation, balance, purpose, and rejuvenation.

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