The Survivors’ Health Project

Addressing the long-term health effects of trauma

The Survivors’ Health Project is comprised of five peer-lead educational and wellness programs that are based in trauma-informed peer support and self-advocacy. The programs are not intended to replace or to be a substitute for counseling or medical care.

For more information email Vanita Leatherwood, Director of Community Engagement, at or call (410) 997-0304.

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Yoga for Survivors

Every Tuesday at 4 p.m. via Zoom

HopeWorks is partnering with Three and a Half Acres Yoga(THAY) to bring survivors free yoga sessions every Tuesday at 4pm via Zoom.

THAY partners with community organizations within Harlem, Upper Manhattan, and virtually. They focus on serving folks facing emotional, physical or social trauma. THAY provides yoga, breathing and mindfulness programs to nonprofits to support their existing missions and build bridges of understanding among neighbors.

Please note that you will be able to participate while seated or on a mat.

ARTiculation: Expressive-Arts Chronic Pain Support Group

Many survivors experience chronic pain conditions that interfere with their quality of life. ARTiculation is a peer support and education group focused on exploring ways to live well, be informed self-advocates, address stigma and the health disparities that challenge our well-being. Sessions feature expressive-arts activities, self-care practices, relaxation techniques and guest speakers.

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This program is funded by a grant from the Horizon Foundation.

HopeWorks Health Advisory Board

Members of our Health Advisory Board serve as resources of support and information as we continue to develop the Survivors’ Health Project. Together we work to raise awareness, to educate, to improve care, and to increase access to a broad range of treatment modalities. Membership to the Board is open to survivors, care givers, community partners, and health practitioners including acupuncturists, rheumatologists, nurses, internists, nutritionists, trauma nurses, physical therapists, and mental health practitioners.

Articulating Health Newsletter

HopeWorks’ publishes a quarterly electronic newsletter called Articulating Health. The newsletter is published in November, February, May and August. Each issue features notices of health/wellness workshops and events, agency news, and articles highlighting the work of community partners.

Wellness Locker

The HopeWorks Survivors’ Wellness Locker contains essential wellness items to replenish the body and mind. For many survivors, an “ordinary day” is extraordinarily difficult to manage. Survivors experience a wide range of symptoms including difficulty walking, depression, unrelenting exhaustion, constant pain, and gastrointestinal problems. Many of the treatment modalities for these conditions are not covered by insurance. Additionally, it can be costly to maintain a regular schedule of treatments.

HopeWorks alleviates some of the financial challenge by maintaining the Wellness Locker. The Wellness Locker contains essential wellness items to replenish body and mind. The locker is available to survivors who are members of the Survivors’ Health Project. The Wellness Locker is supported by a grant from the Horizon Foundation.

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The Survivors’ Health Project is Sponsored By:

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