Workshops for Youth

Our Workshops for Youth directly complement the Howard County Public School System’s Health Education curriculum. Workshops facilitated in schools are adapted to fit within class schedules and are intended for audiences of no fewer than 8 and no more than 30. Browse our topics below. (Note: “PP” indicates PowerPoint is used as part of the program.)

Is This Love? Recognizing Dating Violence and Building Healthy Relationships

Designed for teens, this workshop combines an introduction to recognizing violence with practical suggestions and tools for building healthier relationships. Is this Love? is PowerPoint based on discussion elements. Goals include being able to recognize red flags for abuse and how to respond to a friend in need. This workshop pairs well with “The Good, the Bad, & the Abusive” for a 90-minute workshop or a workshop series. (PP)

The Good, the Bad & the Abusive

Sometimes it’s difficult to know the difference. In this interactive workshop, participants will explore the spectrum of healthy, unhealthy, and abusive behaviors that can occur in relationships. This workshop pairs well with “Is This Love? Recognizing Dating Violence and Building Healthy Relationships” for a 90-minute workshop or a workshop series.

In Their Shoes

In this interactive workshop, participants become one of six characters based on the experiences of real teens. They make choices about the character’s relationship and move through scenarios by reading about interactions with their character’s dating partner, family, friends, and others. The activity is followed by a debriefing discussion on dating violence. This workshop can fit into a 45-50 minute class period or be extended into a 90-minute workshop (preferred).

Beyond Active Bystanders: Stopping Violence Before it Starts

Violence is not an anomaly. Primary prevention focuses on stopping violence before it starts by examining the cultural norms that allow violence to thrive. This workshop explores how we can collectively work to create a culture of equality, safety, and respect. It can fit into a 45-50 minute class period or be extended into a 90-minute workshop. As a series, it pairs well with “Yes Means Yes: Creating a Culture of Consent” or “Out of the Box: Understanding Gender to End Violence.”

Yes Means Yes: Creating a Culture of Consent

Current and popular understandings of sexual consent are gravely limited. Participants in this workshop will expand their understanding of consent by exploring its elements: capacity, action, and relationship. This workshop will define “affirmative consent” and participants will develop skills necessary for healthy communication and relationships. Appropriate for all high school students, though it can be tailored to focus on college-bound students and campus settings. This program combines interactive activities and PowerPoint-based learning and discussions. (PP)

Out of the Box: Understanding Gender to End Violence

In this interactive workshop (requiring at least 90 minutes), participants will explore gender stereotypes and the ways in which our beliefs about gender shape societal expectations of boys and girls, men and women. Goals include understanding how gender beliefs and expectations are connected to power, control, and violence. Schedule this workshop alone or as a primer for workshops related to teen dating violence and consent.

*Additional gender-focused workshops are available for those looking to deepen their knowledge in this area.

Recognizing Human Trafficking

It is estimated that 4.5 million people are forced to participate in the commercial sex industry worldwide. However, sensationalized awareness campaigns and gross media representation often prevent us from identifying and supporting survivors of trafficking domestically and locally. This workshop defines modern-day human trafficking with an overview of trafficking in Maryland and Howard County. Participants will learn how to identify potential trafficking sites and victims as well as risk factors that increase vulnerability. Additionally, participants will make connections between forced sexual exploitation, IPV, and SV. (PP)

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